Workshops, Conferences and Schools Working Group

Conveners: Artur Ankowski, Adi Ashkenazi and Clarence Wret

Members: Stephen Dolan, Vishvas Pandey and Joanna Sobczyk

The mission of our group is to foster the collaboration between the theoretical and experimental members of the community by organizing joint workshops and schools. Our workshops present the latest theoretical and experimental results in neutrino interactions, review the existing knowledge, recognize the needs of the community and stimulate developments in the desired directions, as well as provide early-career researchers with opportunities to present their findings. Our schools play a fundamental role in fostering the understanding of neutrino interactions among students, ensuring the continuity of the expertise for the ongoing and future efforts of the community.

Below is a list of workshops, conferences, and schools about neutrino interaction physics around the world. One of the important tasks of NuSTEC is to coordinate the world-effort of neutrino interaction physics. If you are organizers of a new workshop, conference, and school on neutrino interaction physics, please contact us to avoid a potential conflict. For the details of listed events here, please contact organizers through the website links provided below.









You can also find the list of workshops, conferences, and schools on general neutrino physics at Neutrino Industry.