NuSTEC: Neutrino Scattering Theory Experiment Collaboration

What is NuSTEC?

NuSTEC is a collaboration of theorists and experimentalists promoting and coordinating efforts between:

  • Theorists – studying neutrino nucleon/nucleus interactions and related problems
  • Experimentalists – primarily those actively engaged in neutrino-nucleus scattering experiments as well as those trying to understand oscillation experiment systematics. Electron scattering experimentalists are certainly welcome.
  • Generator builders – actively developing/modifying the model of the nucleus as well as the behavior of particles in/out of the nucleus within generators.

The main goal is to improve our understanding of neutrino interactions with nucleons and nuclei and, practically, get that understanding in our event generators.

  • Along the way we want to expand support for theorists and encourage a growing theoretical community.

NuSTEC board